When You Need Medical Assistance While Visiting Puerto Peñasco

A friend called me this morning after suffering all night with serious abdominal pain. I guess he did not believe me when I said, “If you have a problem, call me any time, day or night,” after he had a tooth pulled.  I certainly was not thinking abdominal pain when I said that, but I did mean it, and he should have called long before he did…but that is not the point of this discussion!

I called the San José Medical Clinic to let them know we were coming, and as soon as we arrived, without waiting a nanosecond, my friend was whisked into a bed.  He was immediately examined by the doctor on duty, Dr. Vinegas, a general medicine practitioner, and in less than half an hour my friend had a diagnosis, IV antibiotics and pain medication dripping into his arm, and was hydrated and feeling less pain 45 minutes later.  After three hours of resting and receiving IV medications, my friend was considerably more comfortable, and was discharged with antibiotics and pain medications sufficient for his course of treatment, an order for lab studies after all the medication has been taken as recommended, and a request to return for followup with the clinic, lab results in hand.

The total price for my friend’s visit, including the emergency room, the doctor fee, and all medications – both administered in the clinic and sent home with my friend – was under $150!  I would say that both the service and the price compare quite favorably to a trip to the emergency room in the USA!  Payment to the clinic can be made in cash or by credit card; unfortunately the San José Clinic does not bill insurance companies.

The San Jose Medical Clinic is clean, modern, well-equipped, and – most important of all – has a staff of talented, caring people. They have their own ambulance fleet, and can arrange transportation to hospitals in the USA, either by ambulance or by air, if needed. They can be called at 638-383-5121, and while calls are appreciated, they take walk-in patients 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.  The San Jose Medical Clinic is located on Blvd. Benito Juarez, the “main drag” in Puerto Peñasco, is painted bright yellow, and usually has ambulances parked outside, so it is easy to find.  What an excellent resource in a small town – I hope you don’t need them, but if you do they are there – I find that comforting.


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